BWFA 2023: Ambiance edition with €170.000 highlight

Smooth, atmospheric and full of highlights. The 2023 BWFA cannot really be summed up in a nutshell. Of the 38 auction lots on offer, 37 left for a new owner. For €170.000 euros, six-year-old atlethe Coco Cabana jumped herself into the record books. The former Danish champion finds a new home with a Belgian rider. Five-year-old Sydney Odeveld and six-year-old Molvita changed hands for €50.000. While the five-year-old Smirnoff van t Klaterven leaves for €38.000 to America. 

Besides the riding horses offered, the four embryos and the 28 foals successfully came under the auction hammer. Without extreme outliers, 27 foals were sold for an average of over €14.000. The remarkably well-developed Amber-K van Kattenheye (by Emerald) will go into the rearing of a Dutch Nations Cup rider for €19.000. Chalinka (by Chacco Blue) leaves for the same money to a Belgian 5* stable. And Amarylis Prinseveld (by Pegase vh Ruytershof) and Contero STM Z (by Chacco Blue) fly across the Belgian border for amounts of €18.000.

The most expensive embryo, an Eldorado van de Zeshoek combined with the full sister of Messi vh Ruytershof was sold off for €16.000 euros. And finds a new home with an passionated German breeder. 

The smooth running of the auction was remarkable. Which, partly due to the stormy weather conditions, took place almost entirely under the roof of Jumping Bonheiden. Although the online bidders knew how to find the auction well, the bulk of the auction items were knocked off on the spot. 

As a result, organisers Tom van de Vijver, Marinus den Doelder and Chris de Heer look back on a successful edition with satisfaction. 'It popped,' notes chairman Tom van de Vijver. 'Fortunately, we could count on the confidence of regular breeders and entrants in our selection. Which allowed us to serve our loyal BWFA clientele. Almost 75% of the foals leave to returning buyers. And the group of riders looking to invest in young potential also knows how to find us well. Indeed, BWFA has proven to stand for quality. And we have added a bit of ambiance and conviviality via the sold-out VIP with 350 customers!'

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