Quality is who you are and what you do; image is what people make of it. Both aspects are very important for an organization like BWFA. BWFA thinks long-term and therefore has built a solid reputation among its clientele, who returns regularly to make future purchases. Therefore, it is important to know what the sport demands and to adhere to the standards that define the quality reflected in our foal collection.

The Belgian Warmblood Foal Auction (BWFA) has a long history as a respected organization in which quality is paramount. Dedication to top quality standards has enhanced the positive image we enjoy internationally today. Because we also understand that popularity is not necessarily an indication of quality, we are constantly working behind the scenes to improve our organization and our communication outreach efforts.

BWFA's selection system proves its value time and again, as every year new stars emerge out of the auction collections that make their debut at international level. All foals are scored individually by five selectors in order to select true athletes that are physically and genetically capable to perform. BWFA remains faithful to its ideals and only chooses to offer foals that come out of renowned and proven dam lines and whose sire has already made his name in sport.

A selection based on sports performance also immediately means a health selection. Horses that are successful at a relevant level in sport must be intrinsically healthy, especially if they participate at that higher level for a longer period of time. Sport and health go hand in hand and the BWFA’s growing list of international show jumpers proves that this approach is paying off.

It’s no coincidence that BWFA has so many amazing auction references with horses such as Action-breaker, who jumped the highest obstacles with Sergio Alvarez Moya, the Grand Prix winners Bambino van 't Zorgvliet (Mateo Giunti), Carlitto van't Zorgvliet (Rik Hemeryck) and Garrincha Hedoniste (Wilm Vermeir). Hamlet who is successful with the young lady rider Lucy Deslauriers in the U25 series or the eight-year-old, talented Kandora (Claire Beecroft) who was bought by Jos Lansink and Ashford Farm last year. Apollo performs strongly under Molly Ashe Cawley and Capital Don Cumarco recently finished third in a World Cup leg in South Africa. Ducati van den Overdam already participated at the WEG in Caen and in June he finished sixth in the three-star Eventing Arville under Lara De Liedekerke-Meier.

In addition to proven references, the young emerging talents are also frequently represented with Karlanthis van het Merelsnest, Nic Nac Quality, Luigi di Cantero, Okey-K van 't Kattenheye, Million Dollar van het Schaeck, which is owned by the Holsteiner Verband and Luigi d'Eclipse.

However, BWFA's most famous reference is doubtlessly Halifax van de Kluizebos, a son of the legendary Heartbreaker out of Dalida vd Heffinck (by Fetiche du Pas). In 2017 he was crowned as the world's best jumping horse at the WBFSH ranking. And this year he continues to tie the places of honor with a sixth place in the GP of Bordeaux, a second place in Shanghai. A glorious victory in the Rolex GP of Rome. Sixth in the GP of Knokke, third in London and Brussels and a sixth place in the Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Rome. There is no doubt Halifax is going to win a lot more in his career.

The evidence is clear, the horses offered by BWFA only have one goal in mind: top sport.


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